Sabato, 07 Giugno 2014

What will be remenbered about us?

Lluís-Esteve Casellas i Serra
Sezione Attività

Segnaliamo questa interessante notizia, nonché il documento allegato, pubblicata sul gruppo "Archives Professionals" su LinkedIn.

To commemorate the International Archives Day, the Municipal Archive of Girona (AMGi) and the Centre for Image Research and Diffusion (CRDI) of Girona’s City Council have made available to citizens a resource for the preservation of their personal archives. This resource includes basic recommendations emerged from the experience of the archive's technicians. 

This resource is available in English on 


- Introduction
- From letters to e-mails: personal archives in the 21st century?
- Basic Recommendations
1. The personal archive: where do I start?
2. Old Documents: how do we protect them?
3. Vital records: my life in documents 
4. My privacy and technology: what do I need to know?
5. Computer security: am I doing it right?
6. Photographs and family albums: how do I protect them? 
7. My family photos: how do I digitise them?
8. Photographs on my computer, how do I organise them? 
9. Videos and films: what should I do?

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